Ashwika Kapur
Science & Natural History Filmmaker

At 22, Ashwika began her journey as a wildlife cameragirl in South Africa. She graduated in Science & Natural History Filmmaking and has worked in countries in different parts of the world, including Kenya, Borneo, India, Nepal and New Zealand. She received a Green Oscar-nomination for her film Sirocco. In a country of 1.2 billion people, Ashwika is among the very few Indian women who has made Natural History Filmmaking a fulltime profession.

Avnish Pandya
Director of Research and Development at Bombay Hemp Company

Avnish Pandya studied at H.R College of Commerce and Economics. The Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO), the mastermind of Pandya and 6 other young entrepreneurs, is an organization breaking barriers by utilizing hemp from the Marijuana plant for industrial production.

Manju Utamchandani
Consultant, Guest Faculty and Motivational Speaker

Manju Utamchandani is an inspirational and motivational speaker who invigorates her audience by sharing her life experiences. She has worked extensively in the field of disability as a project management professional with extensive experience and passion in the field of philanthropic, education and advocacy, to actualise CSR programs in corporate and NGO environments.

Neel Ghose
VP International Operations of Zomato & Founder of Robin Hood Army

In spite of being a finance student, Neel Ghose now works in the world of food and startups, setting up operations of the startup Zomato, worldwide. Alongside, along with his friend Anand, Neel has set up the Robin Hood Army – an NGO that utilises surplus food from restaurants to feed the less fortunate in cities across India and 11 other countries.

Peter Theobald
President (Security Business) at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

With his 27+ years’ experience in the PC and Network Security Industry, Theobald has been responsible for bringing several key players in the security space to India (such as Dr. Solomon’s, SonicWALL & Barracuda Networks). He possesses a keen interest in natural health and hopes to inspire individuals to adopt a clean, healthy lifestlyle.

Sneha Mehta

Sneha Mehta has studied biomedicine and is currently an entrepreneur working on the Vegetarian Elite. She was one of the victims of the Belgium airport attack that took place in March, 2016, and has become known as the survivor who wrote a letter on hope to her unborn child.